Days 2 and 3…

So much for daily updates eh?

In my defense though, I have had a busy 2 days. Yesterday was a sad day for lots as we said goodbye to my boyfriend Roy’s dad. He was so well loved, insanely popular and will be missed by all.

As a result of the past few days events, I have not even once reached for my phone for facebook etc, although Roy did show me a status he put up in appreciation of myself and everyone involved in yesterday – so I think given the circumstances, we let that one slide 🙂

If anyone actually reads anything here…did you watch the vid I posted? Pretty hard hitting when you think on it. Let me know what you think 🙂

The one thing I am missing about my online social life is getting to share photos with everyone, but at the same time I try and encourage myself to take the pictures anyways…just because they’re not online, does that really mean we can’t share them with our friends??

Short and sweet tonight, but I will try and get back tomorrow and get myself posting daily.


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